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Common peripheral initialization

Common static peripheral driver initialization. More...

Detailed Description

Common static peripheral driver initialization.

This interface provides a central hook for any static peripheral initialization that might be needed. Typical drivers that need this are shared peripherals like SPI and I2C.


file  init.h
 Common peripheral driver initialization interface.


void periph_init (void)
 Common peripheral initialization function.

Function Documentation

◆ periph_init()

void periph_init ( void  )

Common peripheral initialization function.

This function should call all needed static initialization functions for configured peripheral drivers like SPI or I2C. This function SHOULD be called early in the boot process, e.g. before the actual kernel initialization is started.

This function is called by the boot up code. Application developers do not need to care. Developers porting RIOT to a new MCU must make sure that this function is called during boot up early on.