Interface definition for the nrfmin NRF51822 radio driver. More...

Detailed Description

Interface definition for the nrfmin NRF51822 radio driver.

Hauke Petersen

Definition in file nrfmin.h.

#include "net/netdev.h"
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Data Structures

struct  nrfmin_hdr_t
 Header format used for our custom nrfmin link layer. More...
union  nrfmin_pkt_t
 In-memory structure of a nrfmin radio packet. More...


#define NRFMIN_TXPOWER_DEFAULT   (0) /* 0dBm */
 Default transmission power used.
#define NRFMIN_ADDR_BCAST   (0xffff)
 Export the default nrfmin broadcast address.
#define NRFMIN_PAYLOAD_MAX   (200U)
 Default maximum payload length (must be <= 250)


void nrfmin_setup (void)
 Setup the device driver's data structures.
uint16_t nrfmin_get_addr (void)
 Get the currently active address. More...
void nrfmin_set_addr (uint16_t addr)
 Set the 16-bit radio address. More...
void nrfmin_get_iid (uint16_t *iid)
 Get the IID build from the 16-bit node address. More...
uint16_t nrfmin_get_channel (void)
 Get the current channel. More...
int nrfmin_set_channel (uint16_t chan)
 Set the active channel. More...
netopt_state_t nrfmin_get_state (void)
 Get the current radio state. More...
int nrfmin_set_state (netopt_state_t val)
 Put the device into the given state. More...
int16_t nrfmin_get_txpower (void)
 Get the current transmit power. More...
void nrfmin_set_txpower (int16_t power)
 Set the used transmission power. More...


netdev_t nrfmin_dev
 Export the netdev device descriptor.
const netdev_driver_t nrfmin_netdev
 Reference to the netdev driver interface.
#define NRFMIN_CHAN_MIN   (0U)
 nrfmin channel configuration
#define NRFMIN_CHAN_DEFAULT   (0U) /* 2400MHz */
#define NRFMIN_CHAN_MAX   (32)
#define NRFMIN_HDR_LEN   (sizeof(nrfmin_hdr_t))
 Export some information on header and packet lengths.