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DTLS sock definitions. More...

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DTLS sock definitions.

Leandro Lanzieri leand.nosp@m.ro.l.nosp@m.anzie.nosp@m.ri@h.nosp@m.aw-ha.nosp@m.mbur.nosp@m.g.de

Definition in file creds.h.

#include "net/sock/udp.h"
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typedef credman_tag_t(* sock_dtls_client_psk_cb_t) (sock_dtls_t *sock, sock_udp_ep_t *ep, credman_tag_t tags[], unsigned tags_len, const char *hint, size_t hint_len)
 Pre-Shared Key client callback.
typedef credman_tag_t(* sock_dtls_rpk_cb_t) (sock_dtls_t *sock, sock_udp_ep_t *ep, credman_tag_t tags[], unsigned tags_len)
 Raw Public Key callback.


int sock_dtls_set_server_psk_id_hint (sock_dtls_t *sock, const char *hint)
 Sets the PSK Identity hint to be sent to clients during handshake.
int sock_dtls_add_credential (sock_dtls_t *sock, credman_tag_t tag)
 Adds a credential tag to list of available credentials for sock.
int sock_dtls_remove_credential (sock_dtls_t *sock, credman_tag_t tag)
 Removes a credential tag of the list of available credentials for sock.
size_t sock_dtls_get_credentials (sock_dtls_t *sock, const credman_tag_t **out)
 Returns an array of tags of the registered credentials in sock.
void sock_dtls_set_client_psk_cb (sock_dtls_t *sock, sock_dtls_client_psk_cb_t cb)
 Sets the callback function for clients to specify a credential to use for a given connection.
void sock_dtls_set_rpk_cb (sock_dtls_t *sock, sock_dtls_rpk_cb_t cb)
 Sets the callback function to specify a credential to use for a given connection, when using Raw Public Keys.
 Default maximum size for the PSK Identity hint string.
 Default buffer size for TLS credential tags.