sock.h File Reference

Common sock API definitions. More...

Detailed Description

Common sock API definitions.

Martine Lenders
Kaspar Schleiser

Definition in file sock.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include "iolist.h"
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Data Structures

struct  sock_ip_ep_t
 Abstract IP end point and end point for a raw IP sock object. More...
struct  _sock_tl_ep
 Common IP-based transport layer end point. More...


#define SOCK_ADDR_ANY_NETIF   (0)
 Special netif ID for "any interface". More...
#define SOCK_IPV4_EP_ANY
 Address to bind to any IPv4 address. More...
#define SOCK_IPV6_EP_ANY
 Address to bind to any IPv6 address. More...
 Special value meaning "wait forever" (don't timeout)


typedef uint8_t sock_aux_flags_t
 Type holding the flags used to request specific auxiliary data. More...


enum  { SOCK_AUX_GET_LOCAL = (1LU << 0) , SOCK_AUX_GET_TIMESTAMP = (1LU << 1) , SOCK_AUX_GET_RSSI = (1LU << 2) , SOCK_AUX_SET_LOCAL = (1LU << 3) }
 Flags used to request auxiliary data. More...

Compile flags

Flags to (de)activate certain functionalities

#define SOCK_HAS_IPV6
 activate IPv6 support
 activate asynchronous event functionality More...
 Activate context for asynchronous events. More...

Sock flags

Common flags for Sock API

#define SOCK_FLAGS_REUSE_EP   (0x0001)
 allow to reuse end point on bind
#define SOCK_FLAGS_CONNECT_REMOTE   (0x0002)
 restrict responses to remote address