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ESP32 Ethernet netdev interface

ESP32 ethernet network device driver. More...

Detailed Description

ESP32 ethernet network device driver.

This module realizes a netdev interface using the ESP32 Ethernet MAC module.

Gunar Schorcht gunar.nosp@m.@sch.nosp@m.orcht.nosp@m..net

ESP32 provides an Ethernet MAC layer module (EMAC) according to the IEEE 802.3 standard which can be used together with an external physical layer chip (PHY) to realize a 100/10 Mbps Ethernet interface. Supported PHY chips are the Microchip LAN8710/LAN8720, the IC Plus 101G, and the Texas Instruments TLK110.

The RIOT port for ESP32 realizes with module esp_eth a netdev driver for the EMAC which uses RIOT's standard Ethernet interface.

If the board has one of the supported PHY layer chips connected to the ESP32, the esp_eth module should be enabled by default in board's Makefile.dep when module netdev_default is used.

ifneq (,$(filter netdev_default,$(USEMODULE)))
USEMODULE += esp_eth

Otherwise, the application has to add the esp_eth module in its makefile when needed.

The board has to have one of the supported PHY modules to be able to use the Ethernet MAC module.


file  esp_eth_netdev.h
 Netdev interface for the ESP32 Ethernet MAC module.
file  esp_eth_params.h
 Parameters for the netdev interface for ESP32 Ethernet MAC module.