bootloader_selection.h File Reference

Configuration for the riotboot_dfu bootloader. More...

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Configuration for the riotboot_dfu bootloader.

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#include <board.h>
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 Button pin for bootloader selection. More...
 Pin mode for BTN_BOOTLOADER_PIN. More...
 Interpretation of BTN_BOOTLOADER_PIN. More...
 LED pin for bootloader indication. More...
 Turn the bootloader LED on
 Turn the bootloader LED off. More...
 Toggle the bootloader LED

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Interpretation of BTN_BOOTLOADER_PIN.

This value should be set to true if the button has an external pull-up and thus, works as an active-low button. If the button has an internal pull-up, the default value should remains false

Definition at line 66 of file bootloader_selection.h.




Mode into which the riotboot_dfu bootloader will configure BTN_BOOTLOADER_PIN before reading it.

Definition at line 56 of file bootloader_selection.h.



Button pin for bootloader selection.

This pin (typically connected to a button) is checked by the riotboot_dfu bootloader to decide whether to enter DFU mode even if a valid image is present.

The default value for all boards is BTN0, if one is defined.

Boards that insist on not using any button even though they have some can define BTN_BOOTLOADER_NONE in their board.h.

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Turn the bootloader LED off.

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Turn the bootloader LED on

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LED pin for bootloader indication.

This pin (typically connected to a LED) will be toggled while the bootloader is active. It can be used to communicate the current bootloader state to the user.

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Toggle the bootloader LED

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