pwm_conf_t Struct Reference

PWM configuration structure. More...

Detailed Description

PWM configuration structure.

PWM configuration.

PWM device configuration data structure.

Definition at line 278 of file kinetis_common/include/periph_cpu.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/kinetis_common/include/periph_cpu.h>

Data Fields

FTM_Type * ftm
 used FTM
struct {
   gpio_t   pin
 GPIO pin used, set to GPIO_UNDEF.
   uint8_t   af
 alternate function mapping
   uint8_t   ftm_chan
 the actual FTM channel used
 logical channel configuration
uint8_t chan_numof
 number of actually configured channels
uint8_t ftm_num
 FTM number used.
Tcc * dev
 TCC device to use.
pwm_conf_chan_t chan [3]
 channel configuration
TIM_TypeDef * dev
 Timer used.
uint32_t rcc_mask
 bit in clock enable register
pwm_chan_t chan [TIMER_CHAN]
 channel mapping, set to {GPIO_UNDEF, 0} if not used
gpio_af_t af
 alternate function used
uint8_t bus
 APB bus.

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