UDP sock API definition for emb6 More...

Detailed Description

UDP sock API definition for emb6

UDP sock type.

For network stack internal purposes only. Do not access members externally.

Definition at line 50 of file sock_types.h.

#include <sock_types.h>

Data Fields

struct udp_socket sock
 emb6 internal socket
mutex_t mutex
 mutex for the connection
mbox_t mbox
 mbox for receiving
msg_t mbox_queue [SOCK_MBOX_SIZE]
 queue for mbox
atomic_int receivers
 current number of recv calls
struct {
   const ipv6_addr_t *   src
 source address
   const void *   data
 data of received packet
   size_t   datalen
 length of received packet data
   uint16_t   src_port
 source port
 info on received packet
lwip_sock_base_t base
 parent class
gnrc_sock_reg_t reg
 netreg info
sock_udp_ep_t local
 local end-point
sock_udp_ep_t remote
 remote end-point
uint16_t flags
 option flags

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