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Detailed Description


 Provides 6LoWPAN dispatch types and helper functions.
 CSMA/CA helper
 This interface allows code from layer 2 (MAC) or higher to send packets with CSMA/CA, whatever the abilities and/or configuration of a given radio transceiver device are.
 High-level interface to CoAP messaging.
 Configuration options for network APIs
 List of available configuration options for the Adaption layer for GNRC on top of Netdev and the GNRC communication interface.
 Error reporting
 Allows for asynchronous error reporting in the network stack.
 Ether types
 Ether types.
 Provides Ethernet header and helper functions.
 Forwarding Information Base (FIB)
 FIB implementation.
 Generic (GNRC) network stack
 RIOT's modular default IP network stack.
 IANA Port Ranges
 Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry.
 IEEE EUI-64 identifier
 Type definiton of the IEEE EUI-64 identifier.
 IEEE802.15.4 header definitions and utility functions.
 IPv4 types and helper functions.
 Provides types and helper functions related to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
 Internet Checksum
 Provides a function to calculate the Internet Checksum.
 Link layer address filter
 Module for filtering (black- or white-listing) link layer addresses.
 MQTT-SN Client (emCute)
 emCute, the MQTT-SN implementation for RIOT
 The MANET Neighborhood Discovery Protocol (RFC 6130)
 NTP Packet
 The NTP packet module provides functionality to manipulate the NTP header.
 Packet interface on device level
 Packet address family definitions.
 Packet statistics per module
 Each module may store information about sent and received packets.
 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Data Link Layer
 PPP types.
 Protocol Numbers
 Defines for the Protocol Numbers as they are used in the IPv4 protocol field and the IPv6 next header field (ipv6_hdr_t::nh).
 Simple Network Time Protocol
 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) implementation.
 Sock API
 Provides a network API for applications and library.
 Provides TCP header and helper functions.
 Provides UDP header and helper functions.
 Provides UHCP (micro host configuration protocol)
 UNIX address families
 Global UNIX address family definitions.