Provides types and helper functions related to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) More...

Detailed Description

See also
RFC 2460 et al.


 Provides types related to ICMPv6.
 IPv6 addresses
 IPv6 address architecture.
 IPv6 extension headers
 Provides IPv6 extension header definitions and helper functions.
 IPv6 header
 IPv6 header types and helper functions.
 IPv6 neighbor discovery
 Provides IPv6 neighbor discovery message types.


file  ipv6.h
 IPv6 include gathering header.


#define IPV6_MIN_MTU   (1280)
 minimum **M**aximum **T**ransition **U**nit More...

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#define IPV6_MIN_MTU   (1280)
See also
RFC 2460, section 5.3

Definition at line 42 of file ipv6.h.