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Detailed Description

Using packages

To add a package to the list of compiled modules you have to add it to the USEPKG macro in your application's Makefile. If the package provides header files you might need to update the INCLUDE macro, too:

USEPKG += <pkg_name>
INCLUDE += $(RIOTPKG)/<pkg_name>/...

Porting an external library

Structure of a package

This module provides porting information for libraries and applications to use with RIOT (to build an external module). If you'd like to add a package to RIOT you need to add a directory with the name of your package to this directory. This directory should contain at least two files:

Creating a patch with git

Assuming your upstream library resides in a git repository, you can create the patch files as follows:


 CCN-Lite stack
 Provides a NDN implementation.
 emb6 network stack
 emb6 network stack
 lwIP network stack
 Provides the lwIP network stack.
 Lightweight ASN.1 decoding/encoding library.