_sock_tl_ep Struct Reference

Common IP-based transport layer end point. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 195 of file sock.h.

#include <net/sock.h>

Data Fields

int family
 family of sock_ip_ep_t::addr More...
union {
   uint8_t   ipv6 [16]
 IPv6 address mode. More...
   uint8_t   ipv4 [4]
 IPv4 address mode.
   uint32_t   ipv4_u32
 IPv4 address in network byte order
uint16_t netif
 stack-specific network interface ID More...
uint16_t port
 transport layer port (in host byte order)

Field Documentation

◆ family

int _sock_tl_ep::family
See also
UNIX address families

Definition at line 201 of file sock.h.

◆ ipv6

uint8_t _sock_tl_ep::ipv6[16]
only available if SOCK_HAS_IPV6 is defined.

Definition at line 210 of file sock.h.

◆ netif

uint16_t _sock_tl_ep::netif
port to common network interface identifiers in PR #5511.

Use SOCK_ADDR_ANY_NETIF for any interface. For reception this is the local interface the message came over, for transmission, this is the local interface the message should be send over

Definition at line 226 of file sock.h.

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