board.h File Reference

Board specific definitions for the RE-Mote board Revision A. More...

Detailed Description

Board specific definitions for the RE-Mote board Revision A.

Hauke Petersen
Antonio Lignan
Sebastian Meiling

Definition in file board.h.

#include "cpu.h"
#include "board_common.h"
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void board_init (void)
 Initialize board specific hardware, including clock, LEDs and std-IO.

LED pin definitions

#define LED0_PIN   GPIO_PIN(3, 5)
#define LED1_PIN   GPIO_PIN(3, 4)
#define LED2_PIN   GPIO_PIN(3, 3)
#define LED0_MASK   (1 << 5)
#define LED1_MASK   (1 << 4)
#define LED2_MASK   (1 << 3)
#define LED0_ON   (GPIO_D->DATA |= LED0_MASK)
#define LED0_OFF   (GPIO_D->DATA &= ~LED0_MASK)
#define LED1_ON   (GPIO_D->DATA |= LED1_MASK)
#define LED1_OFF   (GPIO_D->DATA &= ~LED1_MASK)
#define LED2_ON   (GPIO_D->DATA |= LED2_MASK)
#define LED2_OFF   (GPIO_D->DATA &= ~LED2_MASK)

User button pin definition

#define BTN0_PIN   GPIO_PIN(0, 3)
#define BTN0_MODE   GPIO_IN_PU

RF switch controlled by SW

Controls which RF interface goes to the RP-SMA external antenna

These values configure the required pin to drive the RF antenna switch, to either enable the sub-1Ghz RF interface (power-up the CC1200) or the 2.4GHz RF interface of the CC2538, both alternatively routed to a RP-SMA connector to allow using an external antenna for both cases.

Note it is also possible to enable both RF interfaces at the same time, by switching On the sub-1GHz RF interface, and placing an 0Ohm resistor (R19), to select between using a ceramic chip antenna (not mounted), or to connect and external antenna over a pigtail to the U.Fl connector (not mounted).

RF switch state:

  • LOW: 2.4GHz RF interface on RP-SMA connector, CC1200 powered-off.
  • HIGH: Sub-1GHz RF interface on RP-SMA connector.
#define RF_SWITCH_SUB_GHZ   gpio_set(RF_SWITCH_GPIO)
#define RF_SWITCH_2_4_GHZ   gpio_clear(RF_SWITCH_GPIO)
#define RF_SWITCH_TOGGLE   gpio_toggle(RF_SWITCH_GPIO)

Shutdown enable/done pins


CC1200 SPI and pins definitions

#define CC1200_SPI_DEV   SSI0
#define CC1200_MOSI_GPIO   GPIO_PB1
#define CC1200_MISO_GPIO   GPIO_PB3
#define CC1200_SCLK_GPIO   GPIO_PB2
#define CC1200_CSN_GPIO   GPIO_PB5
#define CC1200_RESET_GPIO   GPIO_PC7
#define CC1200_GPD0_GPIO   GPIO_PB4
#define CC1200_GPD2_GPIO   GPIO_PB0