board_modules.h File Reference

Definitions for Wemos stackable hardware modules (shields) More...

Detailed Description

Definitions for Wemos stackable hardware modules (shields)

The board can be used with lots of optional stackable hardware modules. This file contains the default configurations for those hardware modules that have been tested. Most of these configurations can be overridden by an application-specific configuration.

The configurations of the respective hardware modules only take place if the corresponding driver modules are used.

Gunar Schorcht

Definition in file board_modules.h.

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MRF24J40 shield configuration

Configuration for the MRF24J40 shield when module mrf24j40 is used.

MRF24J40 module uses SPI_DEV(0) and according pins on this board to be compatible with the Wemos D1 mini MRF24J40 shield.

To keep an additional GPIO free, the ENC28J60 RESET signal can be connected to ESP32 Reset pin.
#define MRF24J40_PARAM_SPI   SPI_DEV(0)
 SPI_DEV(0) is used (fixed)
 SPI bus speed used (can be overridden)
#define MRF24J40_PARAM_CS   GPIO26
 MRF24J40 CS signal (can be overridden)
#define MRF24J40_PARAM_INT   GPIO17
 MRF24J40 INT signal (can be overridden)
#define MRF24J40_PARAM_RESET   GPIO16
 MRF24J40 RESET signal (can be overridden)

SD-Card shield configuration

Configuration of the SD-Card interface when module sdcard_spi is used.

SD card interface uses SPI_DEV(0) on this board to be compatible with the Wemos D1 mini micro SD card shield. The D8 pin (GPIO5) is used as default CS signal.

Please override the definition of CS pin by an by application-specific configurations according to your solder bride configuration.
 SPI_DEV(0) is used (fixed)
 SPI_DEV(0) SCK is used (fixed)
 SPI_DEV(0) MOSI is used (fixed)
 SPI_DEV(0) MISO is used (fixed)
 power control is not used (fixed)
 SD-Card CS signal (overridde it)