cc2538_soc_adc_t Struct Reference

SOC ADC component registers. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/cc2538/include/cc2538_soc_adc.h>

Data Fields

union {
   cc2538_reg_t   ADCCON1
 ADC Control Register 1.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED2: 2
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   RCTRL: 2
 Random number generator control.
      cc2538_reg_t   STSEL: 2
 Start select.
      cc2538_reg_t   ST: 1
 Start conversion.
      cc2538_reg_t   EOC: 1
 End of conversion.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED1: 24
 Reserved bits.
   }   ADCCON1bits
 ADC control register.
cc2538_reg_t ADCCON2
 ADC Control Register 2.
cc2538_reg_t ADCCON3
 ADC Control Register 3.
cc2538_reg_t ADCL
 Least-significant part of ADC conversion result. More...
cc2538_reg_t ADCH
 Most-significant part of ADC conversion result. More...
cc2538_reg_t RNDL
 Random-number-generator data; low byte. More...
cc2538_reg_t RNDH
 Random-number-generator data; high byte. More...
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED [2]
 Reserved bytes.
cc2538_reg_t CMPCTL
 Analog comparator control and status register. More...

Field Documentation


cc2538_reg_t cc2538_soc_adc_t::ADCH

Definition at line 52 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.


cc2538_reg_t cc2538_soc_adc_t::ADCL

Definition at line 51 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.


cc2538_reg_t cc2538_soc_adc_t::CMPCTL

Definition at line 56 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.


cc2538_reg_t cc2538_soc_adc_t::RNDH

Definition at line 54 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.


cc2538_reg_t cc2538_soc_adc_t::RNDL

Definition at line 53 of file cc2538_soc_adc.h.

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