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Simple shell interpreter. More...

Detailed Description


file  shell.h
 Shell interface definition.

Data Structures

struct  shell_command_t
 A single command in the list of the supported commands. More...


 Default shell buffer size (maximum line length shell can handle)


typedef int(* shell_command_handler_t) (int argc, char **argv)
 Protype of a shell callback handler. More...
typedef struct shell_command_t shell_command_t
 A single command in the list of the supported commands. More...


void shell_run (const shell_command_t *commands, char *line_buf, int len) NORETURN
 Start a shell. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* shell_command_handler_t) (int argc, char **argv)

The functions supplied to shell_run() must use this signature. The argument list is terminated with a NULL, i.e argv[argc] == NULL`. argv[0]`` is the function name.

Escape sequences are removed before the function is called.

The called function may edit argv and the contained strings, but it must be taken care of not to leave the boundaries of the array. This functionality can be used by getopt() or a similar function.

[in]argcNumber of arguments supplied to the function invocation.
[in]argvThe supplied argument list.
0 on success
Anything else on failure

Definition at line 53 of file shell.h.

The list of commands is NULL terminated, i.e. the last element must be { NULL, NULL, NULL }.

Function Documentation

void shell_run ( const shell_command_t commands,
char *  line_buf,
int  len 
[in]commandsptr to array of command structs
[in]line_bufBuffer that will be used for reading a line
[in]lennr of bytes that fit in line_buf
This function does not return.