Peripheral Driver Interface

Low-level peripheral driver interface for vendor and platform independent access to MCU peripherals as UART, SPI, etc. More...

Detailed Description

The module contains the low-level peripheral driver interface. This interface defines a standardized interface to access MCU peripherals that is not tied to any specific vendor, platform or architecture.


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 Low-level ADC peripheral driver interface.
 Low-level CPU ID peripheral driver.
 Common peripheral initialization
 Common static peripheral driver initialization.
 DAC peripheral driver interface.
 Flash memory driver
 Generic flash memory driver.
 Flash page driver
 Low-level flash page interface.
 Low-level GPIO peripheral driver.
 HWRNG Abstraction
 Peripheral hardware random number generator interface.
 Low-level I2C peripheral driver.
 Low-level PWM peripheral driver.
 Power Management
 The kernels power management interface.
 Low-level RTC (Real Time Clock) peripheral driver.
 Low-level RTT (Real Time Timer) peripheral driver.
 Low-level SPI peripheral driver.
 Low-level timer peripheral driver.
 Low-level UART peripheral driver.


file  dev_enums.h
 Device enumerations for backward compatibility with existing peripheral driver implementations.