GNRC to XBee netdev glue code interface. More...

Detailed Description

Although the XBee devices are IEEE802.15.4 transceivers, use their own proprietary format for communicating between the host CPU and the device over UART. The XBee device driver expects the data to send to be given in this format, hence we need to introduce an XBee specific adaption layer that translates between GNRC and the XBee proprietary header format.

For this custom header format, we can not make use of the existing adaption layers for other IEEE802.15.4 devices.

Hauke Petersen

Definition in file xbee_adpt.h.

#include "xbee.h"
#include "net/gnrc/netdev.h"
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void gnrc_netdev_xbee_init (gnrc_netdev_t *gnrc_netdev, xbee_t *dev)
 Initialize GNRC handler for netdev XBee devices. More...

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_netdev_xbee_init()

void gnrc_netdev_xbee_init ( gnrc_netdev_t gnrc_netdev,
xbee_t dev 
[out]gnrc_netdevgnrc_netdev struct to initialize
[in]devXBee device to handle