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system_MK60DZ10.h File Reference

Device specific configuration file for MK60D10 (header file) More...

#include <stdint.h>
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uint32_t SystemCoreClock
 Current core clock frequency. More...
uint32_t SystemSysClock
 Current system clock frequency. More...
uint32_t SystemBusClock
 Current bus clock frequency. More...
uint32_t SystemFlexBusClock
 Current FlexBus clock frequency. More...
uint32_t SystemFlashClock
 Current flash clock frequency. More...
void SystemCoreClockUpdate (void)
 Updates all of the SystemCoreClock variables. More...

Function Documentation

void SystemCoreClockUpdate ( void  )

It must be called whenever the core clock is changed during program execution. SystemCoreClockUpdate() evaluates the clock register settings and calculates the current core clock.

Variable Documentation

uint32_t SystemBusClock

MCGOUTCLK divided by OUTDIV2 clocks the bus slaves and peripheral (excluding memories).

uint32_t SystemCoreClock

MCGOUTCLK divided by OUTDIV1 clocks the ARM Cortex-M4 core.

uint32_t SystemFlashClock

MCGOUTCLK divided by OUTDIV4 clocks the flash memory.

uint32_t SystemFlexBusClock

MCGOUTCLK divided by OUTDIV3 clocks the external FlexBus interface.

uint32_t SystemSysClock

MCGOUTCLK divided by OUTDIV1 clocks the crossbar switch and bus masters directly connected to the crossbar. In addition, this clock is used for UART0 and UART1.