zep_v1_hdr_t Struct Reference

ZEPv1 header definition. More...

Detailed Description

ZEPv1 header definition.

Definition at line 62 of file zep.h.

#include <zep.h>

Data Fields

zep_hdr_t hdr
 common header fields
uint8_t chan
 channel ID
network_uint16_t dev
 device ID
uint8_t lqi_mode
 CRC/LQI Mode (0: append LQI to frame, 1: append FCS)
uint8_t lqi_val
 LQI value.
uint8_t resv [7]
 reserved field, must always be 0
uint8_t length
 length of the frame
- Data Fields inherited from zep_hdr_t
char preamble [2]
 Preamble code (must be "EX")
uint8_t version
 Protocol Version (must be 1 or 2)

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