usbus_cdcecm_device Struct Reference

USBUS CDC ECM device interface context. More...

Detailed Description

USBUS CDC ECM device interface context.

Definition at line 93 of file ecm.h.

#include <ecm.h>

Data Fields

usbus_handler_t handler_ctrl
 Control interface handler.
usbus_interface_t iface_data
 Data interface.
usbus_interface_t iface_ctrl
 Control interface.
usbus_interface_alt_t iface_data_alt
 Data alternative (active) interface.
 Data endpoint in.
 Data endpoint out.
 Control endpoint.
usbus_descr_gen_t ecm_descr
 ECM descriptor generator.
event_t rx_flush
 Receive flush event.
event_t tx_xmit
 Transmit ready event.
netdev_t netdev
 Netdev context struct.
uint8_t mac_netdev [ETHERNET_ADDR_LEN]
 this device's MAC address
char mac_host [13]
 host side's MAC address as string
usbus_string_t mac_str
 String context for the host side mac address.
 Ptr to the USBUS context.
mutex_t out_lock
 mutex used for locking netif/USBUS send
size_t tx_len
 Length of the current tx frame.
uint8_t in_buf [ETHERNET_FRAME_LEN]
 Buffer for the received frames.
size_t len
 Length of the current rx frame.
usbus_cdcecm_notif_t notif
 Startup message notification tracker.
unsigned active_iface
 Current active data interface.

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