trickle_t Struct Reference

all state variables of a trickle timer More...

Detailed Description

all state variables of a trickle timer

Definition at line 49 of file trickle.h.

#include <trickle.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t k
 redundancy constant
uint8_t Imax
 maximum interval size, described as of Imin doublings in ms
uint16_t c
uint32_t Imin
 minimum interval size in ms
uint32_t I
 current interval size in ms
uint32_t t
 time within the current interval in ms
kernel_pid_t pid
 pid of trickles target thread
trickle_callback_t callback
 callback function and parameter that trickle calls after each interval
msg_t msg
 the msg_t to use for intervals
xtimer_t msg_timer
 xtimer to send a msg_t to the target thread for a new interval

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