ringbuffer_t Struct Reference

Ringbuffer. More...

Detailed Description

Non thread-safe FIFO ringbuffer implementation around a char array.

Definition at line 30 of file ringbuffer.h.

#include <ringbuffer.h>

Data Fields

char * buf
 Buffer to operate on. More...
unsigned int size
 Size of buf. More...
unsigned int start
 Current read position in the ring buffer. More...
unsigned int avail
 Number of elements available for reading. More...

Field Documentation

◆ avail

unsigned int ringbuffer_t::avail

Definition at line 34 of file ringbuffer.h.

◆ buf

char* ringbuffer_t::buf

Definition at line 31 of file ringbuffer.h.

◆ size

unsigned int ringbuffer_t::size

Definition at line 32 of file ringbuffer.h.

◆ start

unsigned int ringbuffer_t::start

Definition at line 33 of file ringbuffer.h.

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