rbuf_t Struct Reference

An entry in the 6LoWPAN reassembly buffer. More...

Detailed Description

An entry in the 6LoWPAN reassembly buffer.

A receipient of a fragment SHALL use

  1. the source address,
  2. the destination address,
  3. the datagram size (gnrc_pktsnip_t::size of rbuf_t::pkt), and
  4. the datagram tag

to identify all fragments that belong to the given datagram.

See also
RFC 4944, section 5.3

Definition at line 73 of file rbuf.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/sys/net/gnrc/network_layer/sixlowpan/frag/rbuf.h>

Data Fields

 intervals of the fragment
 the reassembled packet in packet buffer
uint32_t arrival
 time in microseconds of arrival of last received fragment
uint8_t src [RBUF_L2ADDR_MAX_LEN]
 source address
uint8_t dst [RBUF_L2ADDR_MAX_LEN]
 destination address
uint8_t src_len
 length of source address
uint8_t dst_len
 length of destination address
uint16_t tag
 the datagram's tag
uint16_t cur_size
 the datagram's current size

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