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pthread_mutexattr_t Struct Reference

This type is unused right now, and only exists for POSIX compatibility. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file pthread_mutex_attr.h.

#include <pthread_mutex_attr.h>

Data Fields

int pshared
 Whether to share the mutex with child processes. More...
int kind
 Type of the mutex. More...
int protocol
 Priority inheritance of the mutex. More...
int robustness
 What to do if a thread terminates while it holds a mutex. More...

Field Documentation

int pthread_mutexattr_t::kind

Definition at line 91 of file pthread_mutex_attr.h.

int pthread_mutexattr_t::protocol

Definition at line 92 of file pthread_mutex_attr.h.

int pthread_mutexattr_t::pshared

Definition at line 90 of file pthread_mutex_attr.h.

int pthread_mutexattr_t::robustness

Definition at line 93 of file pthread_mutex_attr.h.

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