PCA9685 device initialization parameters. More...

Detailed Description

PCA9685 device initialization parameters.

Definition at line 178 of file pca9685.h.

#include <pca9685.h>

Data Fields

i2c_t i2c_dev
 I2C device, default I2C_DEV(0)
uint8_t i2c_addr
 I2C slave address.
pwm_mode_t mode
 PWM mode for all channels: PWM_LEFT, PWM_CENTER, PWM_RIGHT supported, (default PWM_CENTER)
uint32_t freq
 PWM frequency in Hz (default 100)
uint16_t res
 PWM resolution (default 4096)
bool inv
 Invert outputs, e.g., for LEDs (default yes)
uint32_t ext_freq
 If not 0, EXTCLK pin is used with this frequency.
gpio_t oe_pin
 Active LOW output enable pin /OE. More...
pca9685_out_drv_t out_drv
 Output driver mode.
pca9685_out_ne_t out_ne
 Output-not-enabled mode.

Field Documentation

◆ oe_pin

gpio_t pca9685_params_t::oe_pin

Active LOW output enable pin /OE.

If GPIO_UNDEF, the pin is not used. (default GPIO_UNDEF).

Definition at line 191 of file pca9685.h.

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