ntp_packet_t Struct Reference

NTP packet. More...

Detailed Description

NTP packet.

See also
RFC 5905, Section 7.3

Definition at line 83 of file ntp_packet.h.

#include <ntp_packet.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t li_vn_mode
 leap indicator, version and mode
uint8_t stratum
uint8_t poll
 poll in log2 seconds
uint8_t precision
 precision in log2 seconds
network_uint32_t root_delay
 root delay in NTP short format
network_uint32_t root_dispersion
 root dispersion in NTP short format
network_uint32_t reference_id
 reference ID
ntp_timestamp_t reference
 reference timestamp
ntp_timestamp_t origin
 origin timesptamp
ntp_timestamp_t receive
 receive timestamp
ntp_timestamp_t transmit
 transmit timestamp

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