mtd_spi_nor_opcode_t Struct Reference

SPI NOR flash opcode table. More...

Detailed Description

SPI NOR flash opcode table.

Definition at line 42 of file mtd_spi_nor.h.

#include <mtd_spi_nor.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t rdid
 Read identification (JEDEC ID)
uint8_t wren
 Write enable.
uint8_t rdsr
 Read status register.
uint8_t wrsr
 Write status register.
uint8_t read
 Read data bytes, 3 byte address.
uint8_t read_fast
 Read data bytes, 3 byte address, at higher speed.
uint8_t page_program
 Page program.
uint8_t sector_erase
 Block erase 4 KiB.
uint8_t block_erase_32k
 32KiB block erase
uint8_t block_erase
 Block erase (usually 64 KiB)
uint8_t chip_erase
 Chip erase.
uint8_t sleep
 Deep power down.
uint8_t wake
 Release from deep power down.

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