i2c_regs_t Struct Reference

I2C registers. More...

Detailed Description

I2C registers.

Definition at line 32 of file cc26x0_i2c.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/cc26x0/include/cc26x0_i2c.h>

Data Fields

reg32_t SOAR
 slave own address
union {
   reg32_t   SSTAT
 slave status
   reg32_t   SCTL
 slave control
reg32_t SDR
 slave data
reg32_t SIMR
 slave interrupt mask
reg32_t SRIS
 slave raw interrupt status
reg32_t SMIS
 slave masked interrupt status
reg32_t SICR
 slave interrupt clear
reg32_t __reserved [0x1F9]
reg32_t MSA
 master slave address
union {
   reg32_t   MSTAT
 master status
   reg32_t   MCTRL
 master control
reg32_t MDR
 master data
reg32_t MTPR
 master timer period
reg32_t MIMR
 master interrupt mask
reg32_t MRIS
 master raw interrupt status
reg32_t MMIS
 master masked interrupt statues
reg32_t MICR
 master interrupt clear
reg32_t MCR
 master configuration

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