gpt_reg_t Struct Reference

GPT registers. More...

Detailed Description

GPT registers.

Definition at line 31 of file cc26x0_gpt.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/cc26x0/include/cc26x0_gpt.h>

Data Fields

reg32_t CFG
reg32_t TAMR
 timer A mode
reg32_t TBMR
 timer B mode
reg32_t CTL
reg32_t SYNC
 sync timers
reg32_t __reserved1
reg32_t IMR
 interrupt mask register
reg32_t RIS
 raw interrupt status
reg32_t MIS
 masked interrupt status
reg32_t ICLR
 interrupt clear
reg32_t TAILR
 timer A interval load register
reg32_t TBILR
 timer B interval load register
reg32_t TAMATCHR
 timer A match register
reg32_t TBMATCHR
 timer B match register
reg32_t TAPR
 timer A pre-scale
reg32_t TBPR
 timer B pre-scale
reg32_t TAPMR
 timer A pre-scale match register
reg32_t TBPMR
 timer B pre-scale match register
reg32_t TAR
 timer A register
reg32_t TBR
 timer B register
reg32_t TAV
 timer A value
reg32_t TBV
 timer B value
reg32_t RTCPD
reg32_t TAPS
reg32_t TBPS
reg32_t TAPV
reg32_t TBPV
reg32_t DMAEV
reg32_t __reserved2 [976]
reg32_t VERSION
reg32_t ANDCCP

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