gnrc_rpl_dio_t Struct Reference

DIO Base Object. More...

Detailed Description

DIO Base Object.

See also
RFC6550, section 6.3.1, Format of the DIO Base Object

Definition at line 90 of file structs.h.

#include <structs.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t instance_id
 id of the instance
uint8_t version_number
 version number of the DODAG
network_uint16_t rank
 rank of the parent emitting the DIO
uint8_t g_mop_prf
 grounded, MOP, preferred flags
uint8_t dtsn
 Destination Advertisement Trigger Sequence Number.
uint8_t flags
uint8_t reserved
ipv6_addr_t dodag_id
 id of the dodag

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