gnrc_ipv6_netif_t Struct Reference

Definition of IPv6 interface type. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 279 of file ipv6/netif.h.

#include <net/gnrc/ipv6/netif.h>

Data Fields

gnrc_ipv6_netif_addr_t addrs [GNRC_IPV6_NETIF_ADDR_NUMOF]
 addresses registered to the interface
mutex_t mutex
 mutex for the interface
kernel_pid_t pid
 PID of the interface.
uint16_t flags
 flags for 6LoWPAN and Neighbor Discovery
uint16_t mtu
 Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) of the interface.
uint8_t cur_hl
 current hop limit for the interface
uint8_t rtr_adv_count
 Counter for initial router advertisements.
uint16_t max_adv_int
 Maximum time in seconds between sending unsolicited multicast router advertisements. More...
uint16_t min_adv_int
 Minimum time in seconds between sending unsolicited multicast router advertisements. More...
uint16_t adv_ltime
 The router lifetime to propagate in router advertisements. More...
uint32_t reach_time_base
 Base value in microseconds for computing random gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::reach_time. More...
uint32_t reach_time
 The time a neighbor is considered reachable after receiving a reachability confirmation. More...
uint32_t retrans_timer
 Time between retransmissions of neighbor solicitations to a neighbor. More...
xtimer_t rtr_sol_timer
 Timer for periodic router solicitations.
msg_t rtr_sol_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::rtr_sol_timer
xtimer_t rtr_adv_timer
 Timer for periodic router advertisements.
msg_t rtr_adv_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::rtr_adv_timer

Field Documentation

◆ adv_ltime

uint16_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::adv_ltime

Must be either 0 or between gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::max_adv_int and 9000 seconds. 0 means this router is not to be used as a default router. The default value is GNRC_IPV6_NETIF_DEFAULT_ROUTER_LTIME.

Definition at line 324 of file ipv6/netif.h.

◆ max_adv_int

uint16_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::max_adv_int

Must be between 4 and 1800 seconds. The default value is GNRC_IPV6_NETIF_DEFAULT_MAX_ADV_INT.

Definition at line 306 of file ipv6/netif.h.

◆ min_adv_int

uint16_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::min_adv_int

Must be between 3 and 3/4 * gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::max_adv_int seconds. The default value is GNRC_IPV6_NETIF_DEFAULT_MIN_ADV_INT.

Definition at line 314 of file ipv6/netif.h.

◆ reach_time

uint32_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::reach_time

Should be uniformly distributed between GNRC_NDP_MIN_RAND and GNRC_NDP_MAX_RAND multiplied with gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::reach_time_base microseconds devided by 10. Can't be greater than 1 hour.

Definition at line 341 of file ipv6/netif.h.

◆ reach_time_base

uint32_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::reach_time_base

The default value is GNRC_NDP_REACH_TIME.

Definition at line 331 of file ipv6/netif.h.

◆ retrans_timer

uint32_t gnrc_ipv6_netif_t::retrans_timer

The default value is GNRC_NDP_RETRANS_TIMER.

Definition at line 348 of file ipv6/netif.h.

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