gnrc_ipv6_nc_t Struct Reference

Neighbor cache entry as defined in RFC 4861, section 5.1 . More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file nc.h.

#include <net/gnrc/ipv6/nc.h>

Data Fields

ipv6_addr_t ipv6_addr
 IPv6 address of the neighbor.
uint8_t l2_addr [GNRC_IPV6_NC_L2_ADDR_MAX]
 Link layer address of the neighbor.
uint8_t l2_addr_len
 Length of gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::l2_addr.
uint8_t flags
 Flags as defined above.
kernel_pid_t iface
 PID to the interface where the neighbor is.
xtimer_t rtr_timeout
 timeout timer for router flag
msg_t rtr_timeout_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::rtr_timeout
xtimer_t nbr_sol_timer
 (Re)Transmission timer for neighbor solicitations of this entry and timeout for states.
msg_t nbr_sol_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::nbr_sol_timer
xtimer_t nbr_adv_timer
 Delay timer for neighbor advertisements of this entry. More...
msg_t nbr_adv_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::nbr_adv_timer
xtimer_t rtr_adv_timer
 Timer for periodic router advertisements.
msg_t rtr_adv_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::rtr_adv_timer
xtimer_t type_timeout
 Timer for type transmissions.
msg_t type_timeout_msg
 msg_t for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::type_timeout
eui64_t eui64
 the unique EUI-64 of the neighbor (might be different from L2 address, if l2_addr_len == 2)
uint8_t probes_remaining
 remaining number of unanswered probes

Field Documentation

◆ nbr_adv_timer

xtimer_t gnrc_ipv6_nc_t::nbr_adv_timer
Only needed for delayed anycast neighbor advertisements
See also
RFC 4861, section 7.2.7

Definition at line 150 of file nc.h.

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