fib_table_t Struct Reference

Meta information of a FIB table. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file table.h.

#include <net/fib/table.h>

Data Fields

union {
   fib_entry_t *   entries
 array holding the FIB entries for single hops
   fib_sr_meta_t *   source_routes
 array holding the FIB entries for source routes
 A single hop OR source route data array.
uint8_t table_type
 the kind of this FIB table, single hop or source route. More...
size_t size
 the maximim number of entries in this FIB table
mutex_t mtx_access
 table access mutex to grant exclusive operations on calls
size_t notify_rp_pos
 current number of registered RPs. More...
kernel_pid_t notify_rp [FIB_MAX_REGISTERED_RP]
 the kernel_pid_t of the registered RPs. More...
universal_address_container_tprefix_rp [FIB_MAX_REGISTERED_RP]
 the prefix handled by each registered RP. More...

Field Documentation

kernel_pid_t fib_table_t::notify_rp[FIB_MAX_REGISTERED_RP]

Used to notify the RPs by the FIB on certain conditions, e.g. when a destination is unreachable

Definition at line 130 of file table.h.

size_t fib_table_t::notify_rp_pos

Definition at line 125 of file table.h.

Used to dispatch if the RP is responsible for the condition, e.g. when the unreachable destination is covered by the prefix

Definition at line 135 of file table.h.

uint8_t fib_table_t::table_type

This value indicates what is stored in data of this table

Definition at line 119 of file table.h.

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