context_switch_frame Struct Reference

Stores the registers and PC for a context switch. More...

Detailed Description

Stores the registers and PC for a context switch.

This also defines context_switch_frame offsets for assembly language. The structure is sized to maintain 16 byte stack alignment per the ABI.

Definition at line 42 of file context_frame.h.

#include <context_frame.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t s0
 s0 register
uint32_t s1
 s1 register
uint32_t s2
 s2 register
uint32_t s3
 s3 register
uint32_t s4
 s4 register
uint32_t s5
 s5 register
uint32_t s6
 s6 register
uint32_t s7
 s7 register
uint32_t s8
 s8 register
uint32_t s9
 s9 register
uint32_t s10
 s10 register
uint32_t s11
 s11 register
uint32_t ra
 ra register
uint32_t t0
 t0 register
uint32_t t1
 t1 register
uint32_t t2
 t2 register
uint32_t t3
 t3 register
uint32_t t4
 t4 register
uint32_t t5
 t5 register
uint32_t t6
 t6 register
uint32_t a0
 a0 register
uint32_t a1
 a1 register
uint32_t a2
 a2 register
uint32_t a3
 a3 register
uint32_t a4
 a4 register
uint32_t a5
 a5 register
uint32_t a6
 a6 register
uint32_t a7
 a7 register
uint32_t pc
 program counter
uint32_t pad [3]
 padding to maintain 16 byte alignment

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