ccfg_regs_t Struct Reference

CCFG registers. More...

Detailed Description

CCFG registers.

Definition at line 37 of file cc26x0_ccfg.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/cc26x0/include/cc26x0_ccfg.h>

Data Fields

reg32_t EXT_LF_CLK
 extern LF clock config
reg32_t MODE_CONF_1
 mode config 1
 CCFG size and disable flags.
reg32_t MODE_CONF
 mmode config 0
reg32_t VOLT_LOAD_0
 voltage load 0
reg32_t VOLT_LOAD_1
 voltage load 1
reg32_t RTC_OFFSET
 RTC offset.
 frequency offset
reg32_t IEEE_MAC_0
 IEEE MAC address 0.
reg32_t IEEE_MAC_1
 IEEE MAC address 1.
reg32_t IEEE_BLE_0
 IEEE BLE address 0.
reg32_t IEEE_BLE_1
 IEEE BLE address 1.
reg32_t BL_CONFIG
 bootloader config
reg32_t ERASE_CONF
 erase config
 TI options.
reg32_t CCFG_TAP_DAP_0
 test access points enable 0
reg32_t CCFG_TAP_DAP_1
 test access points enable 1
 image valid
reg32_t CCFG_PROT_31_0
 protect sectors 0-31
reg32_t CCFG_PROT_63_32
 protect sectors 32-63
reg32_t CCFG_PROT_95_64
 protect sectors 64-95
reg32_t CCFG_PROT_127_96
 protect sectors 96-127

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