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cc2538_uart_t Struct Reference

UART component registers. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file cc2538_uart.h.

#include </tmp/RIOT/cpu/cc2538/include/cc2538_uart.h>

Data Fields

cc2538_reg_t DR
 UART Data Register.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   RSR
 UART receive status and error clear.
   cc2538_reg_t   ECR
 UART receive status and error clear.
 Status register.
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED1 [4]
 Reserved addresses. More...
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   FR
 UART Flag Register.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   CTS: 1
 Clear to send (UART1 only)
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED2: 2
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   BUSY: 1
 UART busy.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXFE: 1
 UART receive FIFO empty.
      cc2538_reg_t   TXFF: 1
 UART transmit FIFO full.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXFF: 1
 UART receive FIFO full.
      cc2538_reg_t   TXFE: 1
 UART transmit FIFO empty.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED1: 24
 Reserved bits.
   }   FRbits
 Flag register.
cc2538_reg_t ILPR
 UART IrDA Low-Power Register.
cc2538_reg_t IBRD
 UART Integer Baud-Rate Divisor.
cc2538_reg_t FBRD
 UART Fractional Baud-Rate Divisor.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   LCRH
 UART Line Control Register.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   BRK: 1
 UART send break.
      cc2538_reg_t   PEN: 1
 UART parity enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   EPS: 1
 UART even parity select.
      cc2538_reg_t   STP2: 1
 UART two stop bits select.
      cc2538_reg_t   FEN: 1
 UART enable FIFOs.
      cc2538_reg_t   WLEN: 2
 UART word length.
      cc2538_reg_t   SPS: 1
 UART stick parity select.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED: 24
 Reserved bits.
   }   LCRHbits
 Line control register.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   CTL
 UART Control.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   UARTEN: 1
 UART enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   SIREN: 1
 UART SIR enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   SIRLP: 1
 UART SIR low-power mode.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED11: 1
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   EOT: 1
 End of transmission.
      cc2538_reg_t   HSE: 1
 High-speed enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   LIN: 1
 LIN mode enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   LBE: 1
 UART loop back enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   TXE: 1
 UART transmit enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXE: 1
 UART receive enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED12: 4
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   RTSEN: 1
 U1RTS Hardware flow control enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   CTSEN: 1
 U1CTS Hardware flow control enable.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED13: 16
 Reserved bits.
   }   CTLbits
 Control register.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   IFLS
 UART interrupt FIFO Level Select.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   TXIFLSEL: 3
 UART transmit interrupt FIFO level select.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXIFLSEL: 3
 UART receive interrupt FIFO level select.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED: 26
 Reserved bits.
   }   IFLSbits
 Interrupt FIFO level select register.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   IM
 UART Interrupt Mask.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED3: 4
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXIM: 1
 UART receive interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   TXIM: 1
 UART transmit interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   RTIM: 1
 UART receive time-out interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   FEIM: 1
 UART framing error interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   PEIM: 1
 UART parity error interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   BEIM: 1
 UART break error interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   OEIM: 1
 UART overrun error interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED2: 1
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   NINEBITM: 1
 9-bit mode interrupt mask
      cc2538_reg_t   LMSBIM: 1
 LIN mode sync break interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   LME1IM: 1
 LIN mode edge 1 interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   LME5IM: 1
 LIN mode edge 5 interrupt mask.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED1: 16
 Reserved bits.
   }   IMbits
 Interrupt mask register.
cc2538_reg_t RIS
 UART Raw Interrupt Status.
union {
   cc2538_reg_t   MIS
 UART Masked Interrupt Status.
   struct {
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED8: 4
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   RXMIS: 1
 UART receive masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   TXMIS: 1
 UART transmit masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   RTMIS: 1
 UART receive time-out masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   FEMIS: 1
 UART framing error masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   PEMIS: 1
 UART parity error masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   BEMIS: 1
 UART break error masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   OEMIS: 1
 UART overrun error masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED9: 1
 Reserved bits.
      cc2538_reg_t   NINEBITMIS: 1
 9-bit mode masked interrupt status
      cc2538_reg_t   LMSBMIS: 1
 LIN mode sync break masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   LME1MIS: 1
 LIN mode edge 1 masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   LME5MIS: 1
 LIN mode edge 5 masked interrupt status.
      cc2538_reg_t   RESERVED10: 16
 Reserved bits.
   }   MISbits
 Masked interrupt status register.
cc2538_reg_t ICR
 UART Interrupt Clear Register.
cc2538_reg_t DMACTL
 UART DMA Control.
cc2538_reg_t LCTL
 UART LIN Control.
cc2538_reg_t LSS
 UART LIN Snap Shot.
cc2538_reg_t LTIM
 UART LIN Timer.
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED4 [2]
 Reserved addresses.
cc2538_reg_t NINEBITADDR
 UART 9-bit self Address.
cc2538_reg_t NINEBITAMASK
 UART 9-bit self Address Mask.
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED5 [965]
 Reserved addresses.
cc2538_reg_t PP
 UART Peripheral Properties.
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED6
 Reserved addresses.
cc2538_reg_t CC
 UART Clock Configuration.
cc2538_reg_t RESERVED7 [13]
 Reserved addresses.

Field Documentation

cc2538_reg_t cc2538_uart_t::RESERVED1

Reserved bits.

Definition at line 43 of file cc2538_uart.h.

cc2538_reg_t cc2538_uart_t::RESERVED2

Reserved byte.

Definition at line 52 of file cc2538_uart.h.

cc2538_reg_t cc2538_uart_t::RESERVED3

Reserved addresses.

Definition at line 125 of file cc2538_uart.h.

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