cc2420_params Struct Reference

Struct holding all parameters needed for device initialization. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file cc2420.h.

#include <cc2420.h>

Data Fields

spi_t spi
 SPI bus the device is connected to.
spi_clk_t spi_clk
 SPI speed to use.
gpio_t pin_cs
 pin connected to chip select
gpio_t pin_fifo
 pin connected to the FIFO interrupt pin
gpio_t pin_fifop
 pin connected to the FIFOP interrupt pin
gpio_t pin_cca
 pin connected to CCA
gpio_t pin_sfd
 pin connected to 'start of frame delimiter'
gpio_t pin_vrefen
 pin connected to the Vref enable pin
gpio_t pin_reset
 pin connected to the reset pin

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