ESP CAN device configuration. More...

Detailed Description

ESP CAN device configuration.

bxCAN device configuration

Definition at line 98 of file can_esp.h.

#include <can_esp.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t bitrate
gpio_t tx_pin
 CAN transceiver TX pin. More...
gpio_t rx_pin
 CAN transceiver RX pin. More...
CAN_TypeDef * can
 CAN device.
uint32_t rcc_mask
 RCC mask to enable clock.
gpio_af_t af
 Alternate pin function to use.
CAN_TypeDef * can_master
 Master CAN device.
uint32_t master_rcc_mask
 Master device RCC mask.
uint8_t first_filter
 First filter in the bank. More...
uint8_t nb_filters
 Number of filters to use. More...
uint8_t tx_irqn
 TX IRQ channel.
uint8_t rx0_irqn
 RX0 IRQ channel.
uint8_t rx1_irqn
 RX1 IRQ channel.
uint8_t sce_irqn
 SCE IRQ channel.
uint8_t ttcm: 1
 Time triggered communication mode.
uint8_t abom: 1
 Automatic bus-off management.
uint8_t awum: 1
 Automatic wakeup mode.
uint8_t nart: 1
 No automatic retransmission.
uint8_t rflm: 1
 Receive FIFO locked mode.
uint8_t txfp: 1
 Transmit FIFO priority.
uint8_t lbkm: 1
 Loopback mode.
uint8_t silm: 1
 Silent mode.

Field Documentation

◆ first_filter

uint8_t can_conf_t::first_filter

First filter in the bank.

For a master channel it must be 0. For a slave channel, it is used without checking with the master channel, beware bot to overwrite the master config.

Definition at line 109 of file candev_stm32.h.

◆ nb_filters

uint8_t can_conf_t::nb_filters

Number of filters to use.

Must be less or equal to CAN_STM32_NB_FILTER - first_filter

Definition at line 112 of file candev_stm32.h.

◆ rx_pin

gpio_t can_conf_t::rx_pin

CAN transceiver RX pin.

RX pin.

Definition at line 101 of file can_esp.h.

◆ tx_pin

gpio_t can_conf_t::tx_pin

CAN transceiver TX pin.

TX pin.

Definition at line 100 of file can_esp.h.

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