Low level device structure for ESP32 CAN (extension of candev_t) More...

Detailed Description

Low level device structure for ESP32 CAN (extension of candev_t)

STM32 CAN device descriptor.

Definition at line 64 of file can_esp.h.

#include <can_esp.h>

Data Fields

candev_t candev
 candev base structure More...
canopt_state_t state
 current state of device
struct can_frametx_frame
 frame in transmission
struct can_frame rx_frames [ESP_CAN_MAX_RX_FRAMES]
 frames received
struct can_filter rx_filters [ESP_CAN_MAX_RX_FILTERS]
 acceptance filter list
uint32_t rx_frames_wptr
 pointer to ring buffer for write
uint32_t rx_frames_rptr
 pointer to ring buffer for read
uint32_t rx_frames_num
 number of frames in ring buffer
uint32_t rx_filter_num
 number of acceptance filters
bool powered_up
 device is powered up
gpio_t tx_pin
 CAN transceiver TX pin. More...
gpio_t rx_pin
 CAN transceiver RX pin. More...
uint32_t events
 events triggered by the last interrupt
const can_conf_tconf
gpio_af_t af
 Alternate pin function to use.
const struct can_frametx_mailbox [CAN_STM32_TX_MAILBOXES]
 Tx mailboxes.
candev_stm32_rx_fifo_t rx_fifo
 Rx FIFOs.
candev_stm32_isr_t isr_flags
 ISR flags.

Field Documentation

◆ candev

candev_t can::candev

candev base structure

Common candev struct.

Definition at line 65 of file can_esp.h.

◆ rx_pin

gpio_t can::rx_pin

CAN transceiver RX pin.

RX pin.

Definition at line 80 of file can_esp.h.

◆ tx_pin

gpio_t can::tx_pin

CAN transceiver TX pin.

TX pin.

Definition at line 79 of file can_esp.h.

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