aux_anaif_regs_t Struct Reference

AUX_ANAIF registers. More...

Detailed Description

AUX_ANAIF registers.

Definition at line 206 of file cc26x0_aux.h.

#include <cc26x0_aux.h>

Data Fields

reg32_t __reserved [4]
reg32_t ADCCTL
 ADC control. More...
 ADC fifo status. More...
reg32_t ADCFIFO
 ADC fifo. More...
reg32_t ADCTRIG
 ADC trigger. More...
reg32_t ISRCCTL
 current source control More...
reg32_t __reserved1 [0x4]
reg32_t __reserved2 [0x3]
reg32_t DACCTL
 DAC Control.
 Low-Power Mode Bias Control.
 DAC Sample Control.
 DAC Sample Configuration 0.
 DAC Sample Configuration 1.
reg32_t DACVALUE
 DAC Value.
reg32_t DACSTAT
 DAC Status.

Field Documentation


reg32_t aux_anaif_regs_t::ADCCTL

ADC control.

ADC Control.

Definition at line 208 of file cc26x0_aux.h.


reg32_t aux_anaif_regs_t::ADCFIFO

ADC fifo.


Definition at line 210 of file cc26x0_aux.h.


reg32_t aux_anaif_regs_t::ADCFIFOSTAT

ADC fifo status.

ADC FIFO status.

Definition at line 209 of file cc26x0_aux.h.


reg32_t aux_anaif_regs_t::ADCTRIG

ADC trigger.

ADC Trigger.

Definition at line 211 of file cc26x0_aux.h.


reg32_t aux_anaif_regs_t::ISRCCTL

current source control

Current Source Control.

Definition at line 212 of file cc26x0_aux.h.

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