aux_aiodio_regs_t Struct Reference

AUX_AIODIO registers. More...

Detailed Description

AUX_AIODIO registers.

Definition at line 32 of file cc13x2_aux.h.

#include <cc13x2_aux.h>

Data Fields

reg32_t IOMODE
 input output mode
reg32_t GPIODIE
 gpio data input enable
reg32_t IOPOE
 io peripheral output enable
reg32_t GPIODOUT
 gpio data output More...
reg32_t GPIODIN
 gpio data input More...
 gpio data out set
 gpio data out clear
 gpio data out toggle
reg32_t IO0PSEL
 i/o 0 peripheral select
reg32_t IO1PSEL
 i/o 1 peripheral select
reg32_t IO2PSEL
 i/o 2 peripheral select
reg32_t IO3PSEL
 i/o 3 peripheral select
reg32_t IO4PSEL
 i/o 4 peripheral select
reg32_t IO5PSEL
 i/o 5 peripheral select
reg32_t IO6PSEL
 i/o 6 peripheral select
reg32_t IO7PSEL
 i/o 7 peripheral select
reg32_t IOMODEH
 input output mode high
reg32_t IOMODEL
 input output mode low

Field Documentation


reg32_t aux_aiodio_regs_t::GPIODIN

gpio data input

gpio data in

Definition at line 37 of file cc13x2_aux.h.


reg32_t aux_aiodio_regs_t::GPIODOUT

gpio data output

gpio data out

Definition at line 36 of file cc13x2_aux.h.

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