adc_conf_t Struct Reference

ADC device configuration. More...

Detailed Description

ADC device configuration.

Available number of ADC devices.

CPU specific ADC configuration.

ADC channel configuration data

Definition at line 72 of file periph_cpu.h.

#include <periph_cpu.h>

Data Fields

ADC_TypeDef * dev
 ADC device used.
CMU_Clock_TypeDef cmu
 the device CMU channel
ADC_Type * dev
 ADC module.
gpio_t pin
 pin to use More...
uint8_t chan
 ADC channel. More...
uint8_t avg
 Hardware averaging configuration. More...
uint8_t pinsel
 PINSEL# of the ADC pin.
uint32_t pinsel_msk
 PINSEL Mask for ADC pin.
uint8_t dev
 ADCx - 1 device used for the channel.

Field Documentation

◆ avg

uint8_t adc_conf_t::avg

Hardware averaging configuration.

Written as-is to ADCx_SC3 before conversion, use ADC_AVG_NONE and ADC_AVG_MAX as a shorthand notation in the board configuration

Definition at line 326 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ chan

uint8_t adc_conf_t::chan

ADC channel.

CPU ADC channel connected to the pin.

which ADC to use (0…7)

Written as-is to ADCx_SC1x before conversion. This also decides single-ended or differential sampling, see CPU reference manual for ADCx_SC1x

Definition at line 320 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ pin

gpio_t adc_conf_t::pin

pin to use

pin connected to the channel

Use GPIO_UNDEF non-muxed ADC pins, e.g. ADC0_DP, or for internal channels, e.g. Bandgap

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