_transmission_control_block Struct Reference

Transmission control block of GNRC TCP. More...

Detailed Description

Transmission control block of GNRC TCP.

Definition at line 49 of file tcb.h.

#include <tcb.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t address_family
 Address Family of local_addr / peer_addr.
uint8_t local_addr [sizeof(ipv6_addr_t)]
 Local IP address.
uint8_t peer_addr [sizeof(ipv6_addr_t)]
 Peer IP address.
int8_t ll_iface
 Link layer interface id to use. More...
uint16_t local_port
 Local connections port number.
uint16_t peer_port
 Peer connections port number.
uint8_t state
 Connections state.
uint8_t status
 A connections status flags.
uint32_t snd_una
 Send unacknowledged.
uint32_t snd_nxt
 Send next.
uint16_t snd_wnd
 Send window.
uint32_t snd_wl1
 SeqNo. More...
uint32_t snd_wl2
 AckNo. More...
uint32_t rcv_nxt
 Receive next.
uint16_t rcv_wnd
 Receive window.
uint32_t iss
 Initial sequence sumber.
uint32_t irs
 Initial received sequence number.
uint16_t mss
 The peers MSS.
uint32_t rtt_start
 Timer value for rtt estimation.
int32_t rtt_var
 Round trip time variance.
int32_t srtt
 Smoothed round trip time.
int32_t rto
 Retransmission timeout duration.
uint8_t retries
 Number of retransmissions.
xtimer_t tim_tout
 Timer struct for timeouts.
msg_t msg_tout
 Message, sent on timeouts.
 Pointer to packet in "retransmit queue".
msg_t mbox_raw [GNRC_TCP_TCB_MBOX_SIZE]
 Msg queue for mbox.
mbox_t mbox
 TCB mbox for synchronization.
uint8_t * rcv_buf_raw
 Pointer to the receive buffer.
ringbuffer_t rcv_buf
 Receive buffer data structure.
mutex_t fsm_lock
 Mutex for FSM access synchronization.
mutex_t function_lock
 Mutex for function call synchronization.
struct _transmission_control_blocknext
 Pointer next TCB.

Field Documentation

◆ ll_iface

int8_t _transmission_control_block::ll_iface

Link layer interface id to use.

Definition at line 54 of file tcb.h.

◆ snd_wl1

uint32_t _transmission_control_block::snd_wl1


from last window update

Definition at line 63 of file tcb.h.

◆ snd_wl2

uint32_t _transmission_control_block::snd_wl2


from last window update

Definition at line 64 of file tcb.h.

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