gpio_params.h File Reference

Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs. More...

Detailed Description

Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.

Hauke Petersen
Alexandre Abadie
Sebastian Meiling

Definition in file gpio_params.h.

#include "board.h"
#include "saul/periph.h"
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static const saul_gpio_params_t saul_gpio_params []
 GPIO pin configuration. More...

Variable Documentation

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const saul_gpio_params_t saul_gpio_params[]
Initial value:
.name = "LD3",
.pin = LED0_PIN,
.mode = GPIO_OUT
.name = "LD4",
.pin = LED1_PIN,
.mode = GPIO_OUT
.name = "LD5",
.pin = LED2_PIN,
.mode = GPIO_OUT
.name = "LD6",
.pin = LED3_PIN,
.mode = GPIO_OUT
.name = "BTN USER",
.pin = BTN0_PIN,
.mode = BTN0_MODE
Definition: periph_cpu.h:151
#define LED2_PIN
LED2 is available when the camera is not plugged in.
Definition: board.h:70
#define BTN0_MODE
Center button mode.
Definition: board.h:56

GPIO pin configuration.

Definition at line 35 of file gpio_params.h.