Driver definitions for the SRF02 ultrasonic ranger. More...

Detailed Description

Driver definitions for the SRF02 ultrasonic ranger.

The connection between the SRF08 and the MCU is based on the i2c interface.

Zakaria Kasmi
Peter Kietzmann
Kevin Weiss

Definition in file srf08.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "periph/i2c.h"
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Data Structures

struct  srf08_params_t
 Device initialization parameters. More...
struct  srf08_t
 Device descriptor for SRF08 sensors. More...


#define SRF08_COMMAND_REG   0x0
 The sensors command register (write)
#define SRF08_GAIN_REG   0x1
 Max. More...
#define SRF08_RANGE_REG   0x2
 The sensors range register (write)
#define SRF08_RANGE_HIGH_BYTE   0x2
 The upper measurement byte (read)
#define SRF08_RANGE_LOW_BYTE   0x3
 The lower measurement byte (read)
 Number of highest register.
#define SRF08_MAX_ECHO_NUMBER   17
 Maximum number of echos from more distant objects.
#define SRF08_MAX_RANGE_6M   0x8C
 Maximum range the sensor can measure (6m)
#define SRF08_MAX_GAIN   0x1F
 Maximum gain of the sensor (1025)


enum  srf08_mode_t {
  SRF08_MODE_INCH = 0x50, SRF08_MODE_CM = 0x51, SRF08_MODE_MICRO_SEC = 0x52, SRF08_ANN_MODE_INCH = 0x53,
 Possible measurement modes for the SRF08 sensor. More...


int srf08_init (srf08_t *dev, const srf08_params_t *params)
 Initialize the SRF08 ultrasonic sensor. More...
int srf08_set_max_range (const srf08_t *dev, uint8_t max_range)
 Set the maximum range of the SRF08. More...
int srf08_set_max_gain (const srf08_t *dev, uint8_t max_gain)
 Set the maximum of the analog stages. More...
int srf08_get_distances (const srf08_t *dev, uint16_t *range_array, int num_echos, srf08_mode_t ranging_mode)
 Get all distances measured from the SRF08 ultrasonic sensor. More...