rtt.h File Reference

Low-level RTT (Real Time Timer) peripheral driver interface definitions. More...

Detailed Description

Low-level RTT (Real Time Timer) peripheral driver interface definitions.

Thomas Eichinger thoma.nosp@m.s.ei.nosp@m.ching.nosp@m.er@f.nosp@m.u-ber.nosp@m.lin..nosp@m.de
Hauke Petersen hauke.nosp@m..pet.nosp@m.ersen.nosp@m.@fu-.nosp@m.berli.nosp@m.n.de

Definition in file rtt.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "periph_conf.h"
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#define RTT_US_TO_TICKS(us)   ((uint32_t)((uint64_t)(us) * RTT_FREQUENCY / 1000000UL))
 Convert microseconds to rtt ticks. More...
#define RTT_MS_TO_TICKS(ms)   ( RTT_US_TO_TICKS((ms) * 1000) )
 Convert milliseconds to rtt ticks. More...
#define RTT_SEC_TO_TICKS(sec)   ( RTT_MS_TO_TICKS((sec) * 1000) )
 Convert seconds to rtt ticks. More...
#define RTT_MIN_TO_TICKS(min)   ( RTT_SEC_TO_TICKS((min) * 60) )
 Convert minutes to rtt ticks. More...
#define RTT_TICKS_TO_US(ticks)   ((uint32_t)((uint64_t)(ticks) * 1000000UL / RTT_FREQUENCY))
 Convert rtt ticks to microseconds. More...
#define RTT_TICKS_TO_MS(ticks)   (RTT_TICKS_TO_US(ticks) / 1000)
 Convert rtt ticks to milliseconds. More...
#define RTT_TICKS_TO_SEC(ticks)   (RTT_TICKS_TO_MS(ticks) / 1000)
 Convert rtt ticks to seconds. More...
#define RTT_TICKS_TO_MIN(ticks)   (RTT_TICKS_TO_SEC(ticks) / 60)
 Convert rtt ticks to minutes. More...


typedef void(* rtt_cb_t) (void *arg)
 Signature for the alarm callback. More...


void rtt_init (void)
 Initialize RTT module.
void rtt_set_overflow_cb (rtt_cb_t cb, void *arg)
 Set a callback for the counter overflow event. More...
void rtt_clear_overflow_cb (void)
 Clear the overflow callback.
uint32_t rtt_get_counter (void)
 Get the current RTT counter. More...
void rtt_set_counter (uint32_t counter)
 Set the RTT counter to a specified value. More...
void rtt_set_alarm (uint32_t alarm, rtt_cb_t cb, void *arg)
 Set an alarm for RTT to the specified value. More...
uint32_t rtt_get_alarm (void)
 Get the value of a set alarm. More...
void rtt_clear_alarm (void)
 Clear any set alarm, do nothing if nothing set.
void rtt_poweron (void)
 Turn the RTT hardware module on.
void rtt_poweroff (void)
 Turn the RTT hardware module off.