#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "periph/gpio.h"
#include "periph/i2c.h"
#include "periph/pwm.h"
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Data Structures

struct  pca9685_params_t
 PCA9685 device initialization parameters. More...
struct  pca9685_t
 PCA9685 PWM device data structure type. More...
struct  pca9685_saul_pwm_params_t
 PCA9685 configuration structure for mapping PWM channels to SAUL. More...


#define PCA9685_CHANNEL_NUM   (16U)
 Number of PWM channels provided by PCA9685.
#define PCA9685_RESOLUTION   (1 << 12)
 Internal PCA9685 channel resolution is 12-bit.
#define PCA9685_OSC_FREQ   (25000000)
 Internal PCA9685 oscilator frequency is 25 MHz.
#define PCA9685_EXT_FERQ_MAX   (50000000)
 Maximum external clock frequency is 50 MHz.


enum  pca9685_error_t { PCA9685_OK = 0, PCA9685_ERROR_I2C = 1 }
 PCA9685 driver error codes. More...
enum  pca9685_out_drv_t { PCA9685_OPEN_DRAIN = 0, PCA9685_TOTEM_POLE = 1 }
 PCA9685 output driver mode. More...
enum  pca9685_out_ne_t { PCA9685_OFF = 0, PCA9685_OUT_DRV = 1, PCA9685_HIHGH_Z = 2 }
 PCA9685 output-not-enabled mode. More...


int pca9685_init (pca9685_t *dev, const pca9685_params_t *params)
 Initialize the PCA9685 PWM device driver. More...
uint32_t pca9685_pwm_init (pca9685_t *dev, pwm_mode_t mode, uint32_t freq, uint16_t res)
 Initialize the PCA9685 PWM device. More...
void pca9685_pwm_set (pca9685_t *dev, uint8_t channel, uint16_t value)
 Set the duty-cycle for a given channel or all channels of the given PCA9685 PWM device. More...
void pca9685_pwm_poweron (pca9685_t *dev)
 Resume PWM generation on the given PCA9685 device. More...
void pca9685_pwm_poweroff (pca9685_t *dev)
 Stop the PWM generation on the given PCA9685 device. More...
static uint8_t pca9685_pwm_channels (pca9685_t *dev)
 Get the number of available channels of the given PCA9685 device. More...

PCA9685 I2C slave addresses

PCA9685 offers 64 possible hardware-programmable I2C slave addresses.

Therefore the I2C slave address is defined as an offset in the range from 0 to 63 to a base address PCA9685_I2C_BASE_ADDR. PCA9685 I2C slave addresses are then in the range from PCA9685_I2C_BASE_ADDR + 0 to PCA9685_I2C_BASE_ADDR + 63

Four I2C slave addresses have special meaning when they are enabled, the All Call address (enabled by default) and three Sub Call addresses disabled by default). These addresses can be used to address either all or sub groups of PCF9695 controllers at the same time.

#define PCA9685_I2C_BASE_ADDR   (0x40)
 I2C slave base address.
#define PCA9685_I2C_ALLCALLADDR   (0x70)
 Default All Call address.
#define PCA9685_I2C_SUBADR1   (0x71)
 Default Sub Call address 1.
#define PCA9685_I2C_SUBADR2   (0x72)
 Default Sub Call address 2.
#define PCA9685_I2C_SUBADR3   (0x73)
 Default Sub Call address 3.