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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) 2015 Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin
3  * 2015 Kaspar Schleiser <>
4  *
5  * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser
6  * General Public License v2.1. See the file LICENSE in the top level
7  * directory for more details.
8  */
25 #ifndef NET_NETOPT_H
26 #define NET_NETOPT_H
28 #ifdef __cplusplus
29 extern "C" {
30 #endif
36 typedef enum {
263  /* add more options if needed */
271 } netopt_t;
276 typedef enum {
285 typedef enum {
300  /* add other states if needed */
306 typedef enum {
320 const char *netopt2str(netopt_t opt);
322 #ifdef __cplusplus
323 }
324 #endif
326 #endif /* NET_NETOPT_H */
get a device's "type", e.g., ethernet, 802.15.4, ...
Definition: netopt.h:180
continuous rx mode
Definition: netopt.h:308
en/disable the pre-processing of data in a network device driver as type gnrc_nettype_t ...
Definition: netopt.h:101
CCA mode for the radio transceiver.
Definition: netopt.h:211
get/set the maximum packet size a network module can handle as uint16_t in host byte order ...
Definition: netopt.h:79
set encryption key
Definition: netopt.h:225
add an address to a link layer filter list
Definition: netopt.h:251
en/disable the interrupt right in the beginning of transmission.
Definition: netopt.h:132
en/disable the interrupt at reception start.
Definition: netopt.h:111
get/set the output power for radio devices in dBm as int16_t in host byte order
Definition: netopt.h:76
get/set the CCA threshold for the radio transceiver
Definition: netopt.h:202
get/set the state of network devices as type netopt_state_t
Definition: netopt.h:99
get/set the network ID as uint16_t in host byte order
Definition: netopt.h:59
get/set the address length to choose for the network device's source address as uint16_t in host byte...
Definition: netopt.h:51
powered off
Definition: netopt.h:286
en/disable CSMA/CA support
Definition: netopt.h:164
en/disable preloading or read the current state.
Definition: netopt.h:88
PRBS9 continuous tx mode.
Definition: netopt.h:310
get/set the number of retries when when channel is busy
Definition: netopt.h:165
Test mode for the radio, e.g.
Definition: netopt.h:241
remove an address from a link layer filter list
Definition: netopt.h:261
Global list of configuration options available throughout the network stack, e.g. ...
Definition: netopt.h:36
en/disable link layer auto ACKs or read the current state
Definition: netopt.h:91
enable a given option
Definition: netopt.h:278
get/set long address in host byte order
Definition: netopt.h:47
get/set channel as uint16_t in host byte order
Definition: netopt.h:37
Option parameter to be used with NETOPT_STATE to set or get the state of a network device or protocol...
Definition: netopt.h:285
get/set address in host byte order
Definition: netopt.h:40
Option parameter to be used with NETOPT_RF_TESTMODE.
Definition: netopt.h:306
en/disable the interrupt after packet reception.
Definition: netopt.h:121
read-only check for a wired interface.
Definition: netopt.h:175
Binary parameter for enabling and disabling options.
Definition: netopt.h:276
idle mode, radio off
Definition: netopt.h:307
get the default address length a network device expects as uint16_t in host byte order ...
Definition: netopt.h:48
sleep mode
Definition: netopt.h:287
Check automatically before sending if the channel is clear.
Definition: netopt.h:155
maximum number of options defined here
Definition: netopt.h:270
transmit mode, set: triggers transmission of a preloaded packet (see NETOPT_PRELOADING*).
Definition: netopt.h:292
check if channel is clear
Definition: netopt.h:39
const char * netopt2str(netopt_t opt)
Get a string ptr corresponding to opt, for debugging.
idle mode, the device listens to receive packets
Definition: netopt.h:288
en/disable encryption.
Definition: netopt.h:224
get/set the channel page as defined by IEEE 802.15.4
Definition: netopt.h:185
get statistics about sent and received packets and data of the device or protocol ...
Definition: netopt.h:219
triggers a hardware reset.
Definition: netopt.h:298
en/disable the interrupt after packet transmission.
Definition: netopt.h:141
carrier wave continuous tx mode
Definition: netopt.h:309
en/disable promiscuous mode or read the current state
Definition: netopt.h:89
get/set the maximum number of retransmissions.
Definition: netopt.h:95
disable a given option
Definition: netopt.h:277
get/set the protocol for the layer as type gnrc_nettype_t.
Definition: netopt.h:97
en/disable acknowledgement requests or read the current state
Definition: netopt.h:93
receive mode, the device currently receives a packet
Definition: netopt.h:290
get the IPv6 interface identifier of a network interface as eui64_t.
Definition: netopt.h:75