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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) 2014 INRIA
3  *
4  * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser
5  * General Public License v2.1. See the file LICENSE in the top level
6  * directory for more details.
7  */
17 #ifndef MSP430_TYPES_H
18 #define MSP430_TYPES_H
20 #include <sys/_types.h>
21 #include <errno.h>
24 #include "kernel_types.h"
26 #ifdef __cplusplus
27 extern "C" {
28 #endif
30 #ifndef EINVAL
35 #define EINVAL (28)
36 #endif
38 #ifndef EOVERFLOW
43 #define EOVERFLOW (65)
44 #endif
51 typedef unsigned long time_t;
58 struct timespec {
59  time_t tv_sec;
60  long tv_nsec;
61 };
68 struct timeval {
69  time_t tv_sec;
70  time_t tv_usec;
71 };
73 typedef int32_t blkcnt_t;
74 typedef int32_t blksize_t;
75 typedef uint32_t clock_t;
76 typedef uint32_t clockid_t;
77 typedef int16_t dev_t;
78 typedef uint32_t fsblkcnt_t;
79 typedef uint32_t fsfilcnt_t;
80 typedef uint16_t gid_t;
81 typedef uint16_t id_t;
82 typedef uint32_t ino_t;
83 typedef uint32_t key_t;
84 typedef uint32_t mode_t;
85 typedef uint16_t nlink_t;
86 typedef int32_t off_t;
87 typedef int pid_t;
88 typedef unsigned int size_t;
89 typedef signed int ssize_t;
90 typedef int32_t suseconds_t;
91 typedef uint32_t timer_t;
92 typedef uint16_t uid_t;
93 typedef uint32_t useconds_t;
95 #ifdef __cplusplus
96 }
97 #endif
99 #endif /* MSP430_TYPES_H */
Types used by the kernel.
uint16_t id_t
Used as a general identifier.
Definition: msp430_types.h:81
uint32_t fsfilcnt_t
Used for file system file counts.
Definition: msp430_types.h:79
time_t tv_usec
Definition: msp430_types.h:70
uint32_t clockid_t
Used for clock ID type in the clock and timer functions.
Definition: msp430_types.h:76
int32_t off_t
Used for file sizes and offsets.
Definition: msp430_types.h:86
uint16_t uid_t
Used for user IDs.
Definition: msp430_types.h:92
int32_t blkcnt_t
Used for file block counts.
Definition: msp430_types.h:73
int32_t suseconds_t
Used for time in microseconds.
Definition: msp430_types.h:90
uint32_t useconds_t
Used for time in microseconds.
Definition: msp430_types.h:93
time_t tv_sec
Definition: msp430_types.h:59
uint32_t key_t
Used for XSI interprocess communication.
Definition: msp430_types.h:83
unsigned int size_t
Used for sizes of objects.
Definition: msp430_types.h:88
signed int ssize_t
Used for a count of bytes or an error indication.
Definition: msp430_types.h:89
int16_t dev_t
Used for device IDs.
Definition: msp430_types.h:77
long tv_nsec
Definition: msp430_types.h:60
uint32_t timer_t
Used for timer ID returned by timer_create()
Definition: msp430_types.h:91
Definition of struct timeval for the atmega.
Definition: time.h:23
int32_t blksize_t
Used for block sizes.
Definition: msp430_types.h:74
uint32_t clock_t
Used for system times in clock ticks.
Definition: msp430_types.h:75
int pid_t
Used for process IDs and process group IDs.
Definition: msp430_types.h:87
uint32_t fsblkcnt_t
Used for file system block counts.
Definition: msp430_types.h:78
unsigned long time_t
Definition of time_t for the MSP430.
Definition: msp430_types.h:51
Definition of struct timespec for the MSP430.
Definition: msp430_types.h:58
uint32_t ino_t
Used for file serial numbers.
Definition: msp430_types.h:82
uint16_t gid_t
Used for group IDs.
Definition: msp430_types.h:80
uint32_t mode_t
Used for some file attributes.
Definition: msp430_types.h:84
uint16_t nlink_t
Used for link counts.
Definition: msp430_types.h:85